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The Visa card boasts one of the largest crypto card program of its kind globally.

Who Should Get the Card?

The Visa card is ideal for anyone who wants to easily utilize their crypto balances.

It enables seamlessly converting crypto to fiat currency to make purchases directly with merchants worldwide.

It is especially beneficial for:

  • Crypto enthusiasts who want an easy way to cash out and spend holdings
  • Frequent travellers looking to avoid costly foreign transaction fees
  • Reward seekers wanting cashback and perks on spending
  • Airport lounge visitors needing affordable access
  • Those seeking an alternative to traditional bank cards Card Tiers offers a tiered debit card system with five levels of increasing rewards and benefits tied to user holdings of and stakes in the platform's native CRO token.

Staking requirements lock up set CRO amounts for 180 days in exchange for access to selective card perks. Card Tiers

Here is an overview of the tiers:

Midnight Blue VISA Cards — Up to 8% Cashback on Daily Purchases | by Col Jung  | DataDrivenInvestor

The no-frills Midnight Blue card has no staking requirements whatsoever and can be obtained completely free of charge.

Ruby Steel on X: "Look out, Singapore 🇸🇬The new MCO Visa Card design is  heading to the Lion City, starting with Ruby Steel - #whatcolorwillyouchoose" / X

With the Ruby Steel card, benefits take a marked step up. You’ll earn 1% cashback on all purchases capped at US$25 per month and receive a 100% rebate on Spotify subscription costs up to $13.99 per month for 6 months. To qualify, you must stake $500 SGD worth of CRO for the 180-day period.

Royal Indigo & Jade Green VISA Cards — Up to 8% Cashback on Daily Purchases | by Col Jung  | DataDrivenInvestor

These tiers unlock even more valuable cardholder rewards. You’ll earn 2% cashback on purchases capped at US$50 per month, 100% rebates on both Spotify and Netflix subscriptions for 6 months, and enjoy a $800 SGD monthly ATM withdrawal limit, and gain airport lounge access for 1 person. The CRO staking requirement is $5,000 SGD worth for 180 days.

Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White VISA Cards — Up to 8% Cashback on Daily Purchases | by Col Jung  | DataDrivenInvestor

The two top-tier cards take the rewards to another level entirely with 3% cashback on purchases with no monthly caps, rebates on Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, X Premium for 6 months, 10% cashback on Expedia bookings up to US$50 per month, a $1,000 SGD monthly ATM withdrawal allowance, airport lounge access for you +1 guest, and exclusive crypto concierge service. You’ll need to stake a whopping $50,000 SGD worth of CRO to unlock this tier.

Obsidian VISA Cards — Up to 8% Cashback on Daily Purchases | by Col Jung  | DataDrivenInvestor

The aptly named Obsidian represents the apex debit card achievement, carrying highly restrictive qualification criteria – a stunning $500,000 SGD minimum CRO stake for 180 days.

While only a select few can realistically access the Obsidian tier, the card’s rewards scale up tremendously across all lower tiers as you stake higher amounts of CRO. And you always have the option to upgrade your card later by staking more CRO if your portfolio grows.

The only catch is you’ll need to pay a $50 SGD replacement fee if you desire an upgraded physical card design to access higher airport lounge privileges and other elite perks. Card Benefits

Up to 8% Cashback Rewards

A major highlight of the card is earning up to 8% cashback on every card purchase, making it among the most rewarding cards available.

The cashback is paid out instantly in CRO tokens to your wallet, which you can immediately trade for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies if desired.

Certain merchants are excluded from earning cashback, like money remittance services, insurance providers, etc. There are also caps to be aware of:

  • The Ruby Steel card tier has a $25 monthly cashback cap.
  • Royal Indigo and Jade Green have a $50 monthly cashback cap
  • All other tiers enjoy unlimited cashback rewards with no caps

If you unstake your CRO after the 180 day period, you’ll continue earning reduced cashback without any caps based on your peak staking tier. For example, Royal Indigo, Jade Green, Ruby Steel cardholders no longer enjoy any CRO rewards on their card spend.

Non-staking CRO rewards

Therefore, keeping your CRO staked long-term is key for maximizing ongoing cashback payments.

100% Subscription Rebates

One of the most valuable card perks is receiving automatic statement credits on popular subscription services like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and more depending on your card tier:

  • Spotify: Available for Ruby Steel tier and higher
  • Netflix: Available for Royal Indigo/Jade Green tier and higher
  • Amazon Prime: Available for Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold tier
  • X Premium: Available for Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold tier and higher

You simply designate your card as the payment method for the subscriptions to trigger the rebates. The credits effectively reimburse 100% of the costs up to set limits:

This delivers tremendous recurring value that effectively subsidizes the expenses of popular services.

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

For frequent travellers, airport lounge access can vastly enhance time spent awaiting flights.

You simply tap your card upon entry and can bring guests for a $35 USD fee per visit. For the Icy White, Frosted Rose Gold and Obsidian tier cards, one guest enters free of charge with each visit.

These elite tier cards also offer unlimited complimentary lounge visits, while the Royal Indigo and Jade Green cards permit four lounge visits per year.

When you unstake CRO, lounge access continues based on your highest staking tier achieved, along with the same guest privileges. This delivers long-lasting value to regular travelers.

Global ATM Withdrawal Limits

You can withdraw cash across the globe directly from ATMs bearing the Visa or Visa Plus logo. Each tier includes generous fee-free monthly ATM withdrawal limits:

  • Midnight Blue: $200 SGD
  • Ruby Steel: $400 SGD
  • Royal Indigo & Jade Green: $800 SGD
  • Icy White & Frosted Rose Gold: $1,000 SGD
  • Obsidian: $1,000 SGD

If you happen to exceed the limit, a 2% withdrawal fee applies. However, you can always withdraw amounts under the allowance from multiple ATMs as needed.

One catch - Singapore residential addresses cannot withdraw cash within Singapore specifically but have no restrictions elsewhere globally.


While reviewing the full range of card offerings, it becomes evident that the benefits and rewards scale up tremendously for higher tiers in exchange for committing to longer CRO stakes.

However, while committing to a reasonable CRO stake unlocks tangible rewards incentivizing increased platform activity, it comes at the risk of capital loss if CRO decreases in value - especially if your benefits from cashback and rewards do not fully cover the drop in value.

Nonetheless, all card tiers retain an exit option to withdraw your original CRO principal after 180 days if you desire, while retaining certain benefits like airport lounge access for the higher card tiers.